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Cradle to Cradle
Cradle to Cradle institute in San Francisco
Governor Schwarzenegger of California announced the launch of the Green Product Innovation Institute (GPII) in San Francisco. This non for profit institute will from now on perform the certification of Cradle to Cradle products in the US. The Dutch Planet Prosperity Foundation contributed and it’s founder Roger Cox will be a member of GPII’s Business Advisory Council. For more information link to www.gpinnovation.org
News about the solar powered circular economy

New: Cradle to Cradle urgently needs Public Private Partnership

The recycle concept Cradle to Cradle (C2C) of William McDonough and Michael Braungart, will not significantly contribute to a transition towards a sustainable society in the Netherlands, if no changes are made soon. That is what transition-lawyers Roger Cox and Bert Lejeune claim in a challenging publication on www.duurzaamgebouwd.nl The publication is also available in English. 

Networking on LinkedIn
More then 7000 members parttake on LinkedIn. The Let's Cradle group consists of participants from various sectors in society such as, product and material development, design, building and architecture, government connected to development and sustainable buying and building, energy, chemical and wastemanagement. Join the network here.

FAQ's about Cradle to Cradle (the solar powered circular economy) are answered here. Watch the groundbreaking documentary "Waste equals food", portraying Cradle to Cradle as a feasible sustainable businessproposal here.

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The Let's Cradle congress: Woodstock for sustainable business. 

The Planet Prosperity Foundation organised this important congress that facilitated the impressive Cradle to Cradle interest or even frenzy that is now evident in the Netherlands. Under retrospection photo's press releases and info on this truly inspiring green business gathering. 

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